Fact Sheet

March 2007

Yanira Mitchell gives birth to Noah on March 7, 2007.

July 2007

Yanira is diagnosed with Linitis plastica, stomach cancer (gastric cancer) stage IV and given 6 months to live. Her pregnancy concealed the stomach cancer and went undectected.

August 2007

Radiation/chemotheraphy treatments begin and the concept of helping others financially through a non-profit organization is realized.

October 2007

Yanira's entire stomach is removed. (full gastrectomy)

June 2008

After months of recovering and healing, cancer cells return.

July 2008

Doctors open Yanira back up and realize no more surgery is possible now because the spread of cancer cells have invaded the entire body. Prognosis now was approximately 2 months to live.

August 2008

Marcus promises Yanira on her death bed that he would complete their non-profit idea.

September 2008

Yanira dies at the hospice from all the stomach cancer complications on September 6, 2008.

April 2009

Marcus turns to social media to reenter the world of the living by doing good deeds.

November 2010

Marcus gets refocused on their mission/vision and Stomach Cancer Relief Network Inc. is born November 22, 2010.

E-mail: info@scrnet.org